From formulation to production - we are always thinking green.

Powerering extraordinary innovations through ordinary materials.

Impermea Materials prioritizes the planet with a total commitment to sustainability. In addition to being PFAS-free (and 100% fluorine-free) since day 1, its molecules are non-toxic, water-based, and are as recyclable, compostable, and repulpable as the substrate they are applied to. A suite of solutions empower customers to take the next step in reducing or eliminating their use of plastic packaging without compromising quality. For coated products, performance is achieved with a much lower coated weight than alternatives, leading to efficiencies across the supply chain.

Our Products are Always


FDA compliant paper food packaging barrier coatings that are oil & grease resistant, moisture vapor transmission barriers, and release properties
PFAS-free coatings for textiles, paper & paperboard packaging, healthcare and more
sustainable pledge for PFAS-free and plastic free coatings
coatings for paper and paperboard packaging that are recyclable, repulpable, and compostable
advanced materials company in Massachusetts
Impermea Materials is HUBZone certified chemical manufacturer

Green Manufacturing

Clean Formulations

Our in-house Research & Development team carefully selects ingredients that reduce negative health and environmental impacts.

Local Sourcing

As a small business ourselves, we value partnering with domestic suppliers which reduces our carbon footprint.

In-House Production

From formulation to filling to labelling, and boxing, everything is completed in our warehouse right outside of Boston, MA.