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Ditch Traditional Poly Coatings with Impermea Materials' PE Alternatives

While traditional poly coatings have long been the go-to choice for their functionality, the environmental toll they exact is undeniable. Impermea Materials, a trailblazer in the packaging industry, is offering innovative PE (polyethylene) alternatives that prioritize the planet and uphold performance standards
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In today's rapidly evolving marketplace, sustainability has become a cornerstone of business practices across industries. Nowhere is this shift towards a greener future becoming more evident than in the realm of packaging materials. While traditional poly coatings have long been the go-to choice for their functionality, the environmental toll they exact is undeniable. Impermea Materials, a trailblazer in the packaging industry, is offering innovative PE (polyethylene) alternatives that prioritize the planet and uphold performance standards. Businesses must elevate their packaging strategies by embracing Impermea's sustainable solutions.

Why Ditch Traditional Poly Coatings?

Traditional poly coatings have long been the go-to choice in packaging due to their exceptional water and moisture-resistance properties, derived mainly from petroleum-based materials. However, despite their functional advantages, the environmental repercussions of traditional poly coatings are profound and cannot be overlooked. Poly coatings significantly contribute to plastic pollution, exacerbating the global environmental crisis by clogging landfills, polluting waterways, and harming delicate ecosystems. What's more, their persistence in the environment, taking hundreds of years to degrade, only compounds these adverse effects, perpetuating a cycle of ecological harm. Furthermore, as environmental sustainability consciousness continues to burgeon, businesses tethered to traditional poly coatings risk alienating an increasingly discerning consumer base. With the demand for eco-friendly products soaring, companies need to adapt to this paradigm shift to avoid stagnation and loss of market relevance. By prioritizing environmental stewardship and aligning with evolving consumer preferences, businesses can mitigate their environmental footprint and secure a competitive edge in an increasingly eco-conscious market landscape.

Embrace a Sustainable Shift

In the ever-evolving landscape of the packaging industry, Impermea Materials emerges as a pioneering force, addressing the pressing need for eco-conscious solutions. Through innovative research and development, Impermea has introduced revolutionary PE (polyethylene) alternatives that integrate sustainability and performance seamlessly. Unlike conventional counterparts, Impermea's PE replacement coatings are derived from renewable sources, drastically reducing their carbon footprint and environmental impact. Impermea prioritizes performance, ensuring that their PE alternative coatings offer the same or even better performing water and moisture resistance level as traditional poly coatings, safeguarding products throughout the supply chain. These coatings' versatility is equally impressive, with the ability to adhere to various packaging materials, including paperboard, corrugated board, and molded fiber, facilitating a seamless transition to sustainable packaging solutions without disrupting existing processes. Impermea's commitment to innovation and sustainability exemplifies a forward-thinking approach, allowing businesses to embrace eco-friendly alternatives without compromising quality or functionality.

It’s Time to Make the Switch

Transitioning to Impermea's PE alternatives signifies far more than a mere shift in packaging materials; it embodies an unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship that reverberates throughout the supply chain and resonates with consumers. By discarding conventional poly coatings in favor of Impermea's pioneering solutions, businesses embark on a transformative journey characterized by tangible ecological benefits and fortified corporate responsibility. This transition allows businesses to diminish their carbon footprint and positions them as proactive contributors to addressing the burgeoning demand for eco-friendly products in today's conscientious market landscape. Moreover, by embracing Impermea's sustainable ethos, businesses stand to elevate their brand reputation and foster deeper consumer trust as they align themselves with values that prioritize environmental preservation and social responsibility. Beyond the immediate advantages, however, lies the profound impact of this transition on the long-term health of our planet. By championing Impermea's sustainable alternatives, businesses play a pivotal role in safeguarding the ecological integrity of our ecosystems and securing a more sustainable future for generations to come, leaving an indelible legacy of environmental stewardship and conscientious business practices.

In essence, transitioning from traditional poly coatings to Impermea's pioneering PE alternatives signifies a crucial step toward sustainability and environmental responsibility. Beyond mere material substitution, it demonstrates a firm commitment to safeguarding our planet's ecosystems and securing a brighter future for generations to come. By embracing Impermea's sustainable solutions, businesses embark on a transformative journey marked by tangible ecological benefits and reinforced corporate responsibility. As we navigate a rapidly changing world, the imperative to embrace sustainability has never been more pressing. Through collective action and unwavering commitment, businesses can pave the way toward a more sustainable future, leaving a lasting legacy of environmental stewardship and conscious business practices.



Impermea Materials, formerly known as DetraPel Industrial, is an advanced materials company based in Massachusetts that synthesizes and manufactures the highest-performing barrier solutions, which are PFAS-free and plastic-free. Our paper & paperboard packaging product line allows customers to unlock repulpable, recyclable, compostable, and PFAS-free product innovation. We offer customizable oil & grease resistant (OGR), moisture/water vapor transmission barrier (MVTR), fan-apart adhesives, and release coatings enabling customers to win new business and gain additional market share. Our products replace existing coatings that do not allow materials like paper to replace plastic due to a lack of performance. Traditional solutions in the market are facing regulatory action due to PFAS, Plastic, or other less sustainable materials. Our solutions provide an offering that genuinely outperforms legacy technologies without sacrificing the sustainability you need.