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Impermea Materials is Reinventing the Future

 At Impermea Materials, we strive to create solutions that enhance durability, resistance, and performance while maintaining substrates' recyclability, compostability, and repulpability.

Impermea Materials is an advanced materials innovation leader that provides cutting-edge solutions for various industrial industries. Impermea Materials specializes in developing plastic-free, PFAS-free coatings that offer unparalleled performance while being environmentally conscious. At Impermea Materials, we strive to create solutions that enhance durability, resistance, and performance while maintaining substrates' recyclability, compostability, and repulpability. Our cutting-edge technologies have revolutionized diverse markets, including paper &paperboard packaging, textiles, healthcare, and beyond. Join us as we explore the world of sustainable solutions and learn how Impermea Materials is reinventing the future. 

Impermea Materials makes ordinary materials behave in extraordinary ways, allowing our clients to unlock new possibilities for PFAS-free and plastic-free product innovation. Impermea Material’s paper & paperboard packaging barrier coatings t provide water resistance, moisture, and oxygen barrier, excellent oil resistance, and superior release properties. Impermea’s paper & paperboard solutions include HYDRO-PAK 4000, HYDRO-PAK+MVTR 4040, OLEO-PAK 4100, and REL-PAK 4700, which can be utilized in cosmetics, food packaging, and more. 

Impermea Material’s textile solutions are a water-based coating technology that creates a superoleophobic and superhydrophobic repellent coating for textiles of various fabrics. HYDRO-TEX 1000, HYDRO-TEX + UV 1010, HYDRO-TEX+VIRUSHIELD 1030, OLEO-TEX 1100, OLEO-TEX + UV 1110, OLEO-TEX + FR 1120  allows coated textiles to repel oil & liquids with different additives  protection from UV rays, flame-resistance, and more. Our textile solutions can be used for firefighter gear, weather gear, menstrual underwear, or upholstery for automobiles and furniture. 

Impermea Material’s Healthcare solutions are designed to turn textiles into superhydrophobic barriers that block stains and repel liquids. HYDRO-TEX+VIRUSHIELD 1030 is a patent-pending protective coating technology that traps smaller droplets that may contain active viruses, preventing thier transmission through a VIRUSHIELD-protected surface. This formulation is water-based, non-toxic, and PFAS-free, which maintains breathability and does not alter the look or feel of the substrate. This solution is suitable for use in the medical field or fabrics such as scrubs, gowns, PPE, barrier fabrics, COPD vests, and medical tourniquets. 

Impermea Materials holds a state-of-the-art research and development facility alongside a vertically integrated manufacturing space in Massachusetts. Impermea Materials, alongside its predetermined solutions, offers custom solutions for every industry’s needs. Our specialized team will work directly with you to improve your process while adding value and durability to your custom solutions. 

Impermea Materials has established itself as an innovative leading provider of PFAS-free, plastic-free, sustainable coating solutions. Allowing our customers to have eco-friendly, innovative solutions for their needs without sacrificing performance while allowing your substrate to maintain its recyclability, compostability, and recyclability. Impermea Materials takes pride in being at the forefront of innovation while offering various solutions for paper & paperboard packaging, textiles, healthcare, and everything in between. Impermea Materials stays committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that remain sustainable, eco-friendly, and PFAS-free without sacrificing performance. Join us in reinventing the future.



Impermea Materials, formerly known as DetraPel Industrial, is an advanced materials company based in Massachusetts that synthesizes and manufactures the highest-performing barrier solutions, which are PFAS-free and plastic-free. Our paper & paperboard packaging product line allows customers to unlock repulpable, recyclable, compostable, and PFAS-free product innovation. We offer customizable oil & grease resistant (OGR), moisture/water vapor transmission barrier (MVTR), fan-apart adhesives, and release coatings enabling customers to win new business and gain additional market share. Our products replace existing coatings that do not enable materials like paper to replace plastic due to a lack of performance. Traditional solutions in the market are facing regulatory action due to PFAS, Plastic, or other less sustainable materials. Our solutions provide an offering that truly outperforms legacy technologies without sacrificing the sustainability you need.

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