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Impermea Materials' Next Generation Solutions

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial innovations, Impermea Materials is a beacon of transformation, redefining the conventional norms of coating solutions.

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial innovations, Impermea Materials is a beacon of transformation, redefining the conventional norms of coating solutions. The company’s relentless pursuit of sustainable, high-performance plastic alternatives has placed it at the forefront of a pivotal revolution in various industries. Impermea Materials isn’t just a coatings provider; it’s a catalyst for change, spearheading a significant shift toward eco-friendly, PFAS-free, and plastic-free solutions. 

Redefining Possibilities with Sustainable Innovations

Impermea Materials is not content with the status quo. Impermea has set a new standard by pioneering coatings that prioritize sustainability without compromising performance. This coating industry paradigm shift offers many benefits in multiple sectors, addressing crucial environmental concerns while propelling technological advancements. 

Versatile Solutions for Varied Industries 

The impact of Impermea Materials' groundbreaking solutions transcends industry boundaries. In the realm of paper and paperboard, Impermea Materials offers an impressive range of coatings that provide water resistance, moisture and oxygen barriers, excellent oil resistance, and superior release properties. These innovations, such as HYDRO-PAK 4000, OLEO-PAK 4100, and more, cater to diverse industries, from cosmetics to food packaging. 


Setting Industry Standards and Custom Solutions 

With a vertically integrated manufacturing space, Impermea Materials holds a unique position in the market. Their commitment to setting industry standards while offering custom solutions tailored to specific industry needs underscores their dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. 

Join the Revolution with Impermea Materials 

Impermea Materials is not just a company–it’s a trailblazer. Its commitment to providing cutting-edge, sustainable, and PFAS-free solutions without compromising performance is a testament to its ethos. Through advancements in paper & paperboard packaging, textile, healthcare, and more, Impermea Materials stands tall as a leader in reinventing the future. 

The journey of Impermea Materials is a testament to the power of innovation and dedication to a sustainable future. As Impermea Materials continues to push boundaries and challenge the norms, it invites industries to join the revolution in sustainable coating solutions. With Impermea Materials, the future of coatings is not just brighter; it’s greener, more durable, and incredibly promising. 



Impermea Materials, formerly known as DetraPel Industrial, is an advanced materials company based in Massachusetts that synthesizes and manufactures the highest-performing barrier solutions, which are PFAS-free and plastic-free. Our paper & paperboard packaging product line allows customers to unlock repulpable, recyclable, compostable, and PFAS-free product innovation. We offer customizable oil & grease resistant (OGR), moisture/water vapor transmission barrier (MVTR), fan-apart adhesives, and release coatings enabling customers to win new business and gain additional market share. Our products replace existing coatings that do not allow materials like paper to replace plastic due to a lack of performance. Traditional solutions in the market are facing regulatory action due to PFAS, Plastic, or other less sustainable materials. Our solutions provide an offering that genuinely outperforms legacy technologies without sacrificing the sustainability you need.