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Introducing Impermea Materials: Revolutionizing Industrial Solutions

DetraPel, Inc. the advanced materials innovation leader, is excited to announce the rebranding of its Industrial Vertical to Impermea Materials.
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DetraPel, Inc. the advanced materials innovation leader, is excited to announce the rebranding of its Industrial Vertical to Impermea Materials. Impermea Materials conveys its commitment to excellence and dedication when providing our valued customers with the highest quality impermeable solutions while maintaining its brand values. Despite rebranding our industrial vertical, formerly DetraPel Industrial, to our new name Impermea Materials, our high-performing solutions for the paper & paperboard industry, textiles, construction, healthcare, and more will remain the same. Impermea Material’s sustainable solutions empower our customers to eliminate plastics, PFAS, and fluorine from their packaging, textiles, and other substrates without sacrificing their products' performance, recyclability, compostability, or pulpability.  

 Impermea Materials makes ordinary materials behave in extraordinary ways, unlocking incredible possibilities for PFAS-free and plastic-free product innovation for countless industries. Impermea’s innovative food-packaging and paperboard solutions provide best-in-class oil and grease resistance, top-of-the-line moisture and oxygen barrier properties, and incredibly low coat weights while staying repulpable, recyclable, and compostable. At the same time, Impermea offers textile solutions that are PFAS-free and 100% fluorine-free, with water contact angles greater than 145° and oil contact angles greater than 135°, while maintaining the hand and breathability of the fabric. Imperemea Material’s healthcare solutions are designed to include advanced virus protection through the use of antimicrobial coatings, preventing the spread of infectious diseases in healthcare environments. Impermea’s sustainable coatings improve weather-ability with water resistance and create excellent water beading to wood, concrete, and other substrates for construction solutions. Don’t see your industry? No worries, Impermea Materials offers custom solutions to meet your needs and create innovative solutions. With state-of-the-art research and development facilities and vertically integrated manufacturing spaces in Massachusetts, Impermea’s specialized team will work directly with you to improve your process while adding value and durability to your products. 

Impermea Materials is incredibly excited about the rebranding of its Industrial Vertical, previously known as DetraPel Industrial. This new name reflects its commitment to continuous growth and evolution while developing sustainable coatings that allow ordinary materials to have extraordinary performance. Impermea Materials looks forward to continuing to serve you under its new brand and is committed to delivering the same high-performance products and materials you’ve enjoyed. Let’s reinvent the world together.


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