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Water Resistant Fabric

Enhancing Fabrics Through Textile Coatings

By applying coatings to textiles, manufacturers can achieve multiple desirable properties making them more versatile and functional. Let's explore the world of textile coating applications and how ...
Paperboard Lipstick Case

The Beauty in Sustainable Packaging

The beauty industry’s transformation towards sustainability makes a promising step forward for our planet’s well-being. By switching to eco-friendly packaging alternatives and supporting ethical so...
Textile Fabrics

Unleashing Performance and Safety with OLEO-TEK + FR 1120

OLEO-TEK + FR 1120 paves the way for safer, longer-lasting, and more visually appealing textile products—a game-changing superoleophobic and superhydrophobic coating with an added flame-retardant f...
Firefighter Jacket on Firetruck

The Quest for Safer Firefighter Gear: PFAS-Free Coatings and Impermea Materials

By prioritizing the safety and well-being of firefighters while ensuring the performance of the gear, Impermea Materials is revolutionizing the industry and leading the way toward a safer, more sus...
Paper Goods on Green Background
Food Packaging

The Superiority of Impermea Materials’ Solutions Over Traditional Polyethylene

Impermea Materials has revolutionized the packaging industry by introducing cutting-edge coating solutions that surpass the performance of traditional polyethylene coatings while offering a sustain...
Coat with Water Droplets

Unmasking the Truth: Debunking Myths Surrounding PFAS-Free Coating Solutions

Impermea Materials has debunked the myth surrounding PFAS-free coating solutions by demonstrating their exceptional performance, durability, and sustainability.
Frozen Food Aisle
Food Packaging

Beyond the Freezer Aisle: Reinventing Frozen Food For The Modern Palate

A forward-thinking company approached Impermea Materials with a bold challenge they had been working on for the past two years and had yet to succeed. The company aimed to change its traditional mu...
Green Textile with Water Droplets on It

Fashion to Function: Textile Solutions That are Transforming the Industry

Impermea Materials is revolutionizing the textile industry by offering coatings that seamlessly merge fashion and function, from enhancing style appeal through repellency abilities to providing cri...
Table Full of Food Items
Food Packaging

Savoring Flavors: Preserving Organoleptic Quality

Impermea Materials prides itself on creating innovative, sustainable, PFAS-free food packaging solutions that allow your food to retain its authentic flavors with all the added benefits.