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The Superiority of Impermea Materials’ Solutions Over Traditional Polyethylene

Impermea Materials has revolutionized the packaging industry by introducing cutting-edge coating solutions that surpass the performance of traditional polyethylene coatings while offering a sustainable alternative.

In today’s world, the packaging industry heavily relies on plastic materials, particularly polyethylene extruded paperboard, to protect and preserve food products. While plastic-lined packaging offers performance, convenience, and functionality, it poses a significant challenge to companies looking for recyclable and repulpable options.

According to a study conducted by McKinsey and Co., 77% of people said plastic was the least environmentally friendly packaging material, contributing to pollution and waste.

As rising costs in polyethylene rise and sustainability become a pressing concern, Impermea Materials emerges as a game-changer, offering innovative coating solutions that outperform traditional polyethylene-coated paperboard while being plastic-free, environmentally friendly and without sacrificing performance. 

Polyethylene (PE) board has been the go-to choice for the food packaging industry due to its moisture resistance and barrier properties. Allowing companies to preserve their goods for more extended periods without the compromise of bacteria leading to spoilage. However, these coatings have several drawbacks that must be addressed, regardless of their desirable properties. Extruding polyethylene onto paperboard involves extracting and processing fossil fuels, contributing to carbon emissions and environmental degradation. 

Impermea Materials has revolutionized the packaging industry by introducing cutting-edge coating solutions that surpass the performance of traditional polyethylene coatings while offering a sustainable alternative. With an expert team in advanced materials and environmentally conscious manufacturing processes, Impermea Materials has successfully developed plastic-free, 100% PFAS & Fluorine-free, recyclable, and repulpable solutions. Impermea Materials offers a range of paper and paperboard packaging coatings that not only meet but exceed the performance of their plastic counterparts. Let’s explore some of Impermea’s remarkable coating solutions and their benefits.

 Impermea Materials’ solutions include US FDA-compliant coatings (A-H) such as HYDRO-PAK 4000, a water-resistant, heat-sealable barrier ideal for single-use products. HYDRO-PAK+MVTR 4040 is a superior moisture vapor transmission barrier that can also exhibit oxygen transmission barrier properties. In addition, OLEO-PAK 4100, an oil and grease-resistant coating that prevents water, oil, and grease penetration for over seven days, and REL-PAK 4700, which ensures excellent release properties for food and bakery applications. One of the critical advantages of Impermea Materials coating is that they are repulpable, recyclable, and maintain the coated substrates' compostability. Helping brands and manufacturers achieve their goals in reducing waste and promoting sustainable manufacturing. Impermea Materials understands that each industry and company has a unique coating requirement. To address this, Impermea offers customized coating solutions tailored to specific needs. The in-house R&D team, led by Executive Vice President and Chief Research & Development Officer Juan Jarufe, developed a patent-pending platform technology that allows coatings to be customized quickly. Impermea Materials ensures its clients receive the best possible solution for their packaging requirements. 

Impermea Material’s coating solutions are not limited to food packaging alone. Impermea’s innovative coatings have applications in various industries, including cosmetics, textiles, healthcare, etc. By offering tailored solutions for different substrates and performance needs, Impermea Materials opens doors to a wide range of possibilities for performance-driven and sustainable product innovation. 

The demand for plastic-free packaging solutions is growing rapidly, driven by consumer awareness and regulatory pressure. Impermea Materials has recognized this need and has positioned itself as a game-changer in the industry. Impermea’s innovative coating solutions outperform polyethylene-coated paperboard and offer recyclable and repulpable options without compromising performance. With a commitment to sustainability and advanced materials, Impermea Materials is paving the way for a more eco-friendly packaging industry. By embracing Impermea Materials' coatings, companies can align their packaging practices with their customers' values and positively impact the planet. Impermea Materials is leading the charge toward a greener, more sustainable future in the packaging industry.



Impermea Materials, formerly known as DetraPel Industrial, is an advanced materials company based in Massachusetts that synthesizes and manufactures the highest-performing barrier solutions, which are PFAS-free and plastic-free. Our paper & paperboard packaging product line allows customers to unlock repulpable, recyclable, compostable, and PFAS-free product innovation. We offer customizable oil & grease resistant (OGR), moisture/water vapor transmission barrier (MVTR), fan-apart adhesives, and release coatings enabling customers to win new business and gain additional market share. Our products replace existing coatings that do not allow materials like paper to replace plastic due to a lack of performance. Traditional solutions in the market are facing regulatory action due to PFAS, Plastic, or other less sustainable materials. Our solutions provide an offering that genuinely outperforms legacy technologies without sacrificing the sustainability you need.


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