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Unmasking the Truth: Debunking Myths Surrounding PFAS-Free Coating Solutions

Impermea Materials has debunked the myth surrounding PFAS-free coating solutions by demonstrating their exceptional performance, durability, and sustainability.

Concerns regarding per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have taken center stage recently. PFAS, known for its potential health and environmental risks, has been widely used in traditional coatings for its water and oil-repellent properties. However, as awareness about these dangers grow, alternative PFAS-free coating solutions have emerged. Despite their benefits, a persistent myth lingers, suggesting that PFAS-free coatings cannot match the performance of traditional coatings. In this blog, we aim to debunk this myth and shed light on the effectiveness and advantages of PFAS-free coating solutions.

What is PFAS, and Why is it so Bad?

Per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a class of artificial chemicals used widely since their inception in the 1950s. PFAS have been used in various industrial and consumer applications due to their unique properties, such as water and oil repellency, temperature resistance, and non-stick properties. PFAS chemical's abilities led to its utilization in various goods, including non-stick cookware, food packaging, firefighting foams, textiles, and more. However, these desirable properties come with undesirable effects; PFAS chemicals are incredibly persistent without our environment, leading to a buildup in water, soil, food sources, and animals. Alongside its inability to be disposed of properly, PFAS has detrimental effects on human health in long-term exposure and is linked to various diseases, illnesses, and even cancer. PFAS’ dangerous characteristics have led to growing concerns from consumers, governments, and organizations and have even led to legislative action being taken to ban PFAS chemicals altogether. 

Debunking the Myths Around PFAS-Free Coatings:

One of the most prevalent misconceptions surrounding PFAS-free coating solutions is that they need to improve performance and durability compared to traditional coatings. However, Impermea Materials defies this notion by providing PFAS-free alternatives that excel in performance and durability, unlocking new possibilities for product innovation. Impermea Material’s commitment to research and development has resulted in coating solutions that deliver exceptional performance without compromising sustainability. 

Impermea Material’s paper and paperboard coating solutions, such as HYDRO-PAK 4000, HYDRO-PAK + MVTR 4040, OLEO-PAK 4100, REL-PAK 4700, provide a variety of characteristics for numerous industry needs such as water resistance, moisture and oxygen barriers, oil resistance, and superior release properties. These paper & paperboard coatings not only match but often surpass the performance of traditional PFAS-laden coatings, ensuring the protection and integrity of packaged goods. 

Impermea Materials’ PFAS-free textile coating solutions offer remarkable performance and durability. Through their formulations like HYDRO-TEX 1000, HYDRO-TEX + UV 1010, HYDRO-TEX + VIRUSHIELD 1030, OLEO-TEX 1100, OLEO-TEX + UV 1110, and OLEO-TEX  +  FR 1120, textiles can achieve superoleophobic and superhydrophobic properties. These coatings provide efficient oil and liquid repellency while offering additional benefits such as UV protection, flame resistance, and more. Impermea Materials ensures their textile solutions deliver the durability required for applications in demanding environments such as firefighter gear, weather-resistant garments, automotive, furniture upholstery, and more.

Coating with Waterdroplets, Food in Paper Bowl and Medical Scrubs

In the healthcare sector, Impermea Materials' PFAS-free solutions offer exceptional performance while maintaining the necessary safety and efficacy. Their patent-pending HYDRO-TEX + VIRUSHIELD 1030 protective coating technology transforms textiles into superhydrophobic barriers that block stains and repel liquids. In addition, this formulation efficiently traps smaller droplets, including those carrying active viruses, preventing their transmission through a VIRUSHIELD-protected surface. Impermea Materials achieves this level of performance while prioritizing breathability and ensuring that the look and feel of the substrate remain unchanged. These attributes make their healthcare solutions ideal for various medical textiles, including scrubs, gowns, PPE, barrier fabrics, COPD vests, and medical tourniquets.

Impermea offers custom solutions with state-of-the-art research and development facilities alongside a vertically integrated manufacturing space in Massachusetts. Their specialized team will work directly with you to improve your process while adding value and durability to your custom solutions. 

PFAS-Free Coatings and Sustainability:

Impermea Materials is deeply committed to sustainability and integrating environmentally conscious practices into its operations. Sustainability is at the heart of their work, and they prioritize creating solutions that minimize their environmental impact. Impermea Materials goes beyond performance and focuses on producing PFAS-free and fluorine-free coatings, actively eliminating toxic substances that harm the environment and human health. Impermea’s solutions require 75% less coating than leading brands, resulting in reduced production waste and a positive ecological footprint. 

Looking Towards the Future:

PFAS-free coating solutions are promising to revolutionize various industries and foster a more sustainable world. These innovative coatings mark a significant step forward in addressing the detrimental effects of PFAS, or 'forever chemicals,' on our environment and health. By eliminating the use of PFAS and offering alternatives that are 100% fluorine-free, companies like Impermea Materials are spearheading a much-needed shift toward eco-conscious manufacturing processes without sacrificing performance. As more industries recognize the importance of sustainability, the demand for PFAS-free solutions will continue to rise, driving innovation and inspiring further advancements in environmentally friendly alternatives. 

Impermea Materials has debunked the myth surrounding PFAS-free coating solutions by demonstrating their exceptional performance, durability, and sustainability. Impermea’s PFAS-free coatings excel in various industries, including paper and paperboard packaging, textiles, healthcare, and more. Answering each company’s specific individual needs, Impermea Materials prioritizes research and development, ensuring their PFAS-free solutions match and often surpass traditional PFAS-laden coatings' performance. Moreover, sustainability lies at the core of Impermea Materials' operations, with their commitment to producing PFAS-free and fluorine-free coatings, reducing production waste, and promoting eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Embracing PFAS-free coatings paves the way for a brighter and more sustainable future, where performance and environmental responsibility go hand in hand. Impermea Materials leads the charge, inspiring innovation and driving industry demand for eco-conscious solutions.



Impermea Materials, formerly known as DetraPel Industrial, is an advanced materials company based in Massachusetts that synthesizes and manufactures the highest-performing barrier solutions, which are PFAS-free and plastic-free. Our paper & paperboard packaging product line allows customers to unlock repulpable, recyclable, compostable, and PFAS-free product innovation. We offer customizable oil & grease resistant (OGR), moisture/water vapor transmission barrier (MVTR), fan-apart adhesives, and release coatings enabling customers to win new business and gain additional market share. Our products replace existing coatings that do not allow materials like paper to replace plastic due to a lack of performance. Traditional solutions in the market are facing regulatory action due to PFAS, Plastic, or other less sustainable materials. Our solutions provide an offering that genuinely outperforms legacy technologies without sacrificing the sustainability you need.


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