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Egg-cellent Sustainability: Pioneering Packaging Solutions for Eco-Friendly Egg Cartons
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Egg-cellent Sustainability: Pioneering Packaging Solutions for Eco-Friendly Egg Cartons

In addressing the urgent call for sustainable alternatives, Impermea Materials has introduced two pioneering products: BIO-PAK + MVTR 4140 and HYDRO-PAK + MVTR 4040, which can be specifically tailo...
Cardboard Packaging on Green Background
Food Packaging

Ditch Traditional Poly Coatings with Impermea Materials' PE Alternatives

While traditional poly coatings have long been the go-to choice for their functionality, the environmental toll they exact is undeniable. Impermea Materials, a trailblazer in the packaging industry...
Multicolored Trashcans
Paper & Paperboard Packaging

Forging a Circular Economy Through Sustainable Innovations

The circular economy’s fundamental principle is rethinking how manufacturers produce, consume, and manage resources. This means redesigning products and a system that allows materials to be recover...
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Food Packaging

Savoring Flavors: Preserving Organoleptic Quality

Impermea Materials prides itself on creating innovative, sustainable, PFAS-free food packaging solutions that allow your food to retain its authentic flavors with all the added benefits. 
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Paper & Paperboard Packaging

Paper That Performs Like Plastic

Impermea Materials has created paper & paperboard packaging coatings that allow the coated paper to outperform its plastic counterparts. 
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2023 Packaging Movements to Look For

In 2023 the packaging industry is evolving rapidly. Packaging is heading towards more sustainable, personalized, and convenient solutions.