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Textile Fabrics

Unleashing Performance and Safety with OLEO-TEK + FR 1120

OLEO-TEK + FR 1120 paves the way for safer, longer-lasting, and more visually appealing textile products—a game-changing superoleophobic and superhydrophobic coating with an added flame-retardant f...
Firefighter Jacket on Firetruck

The Quest for Safer Firefighter Gear: PFAS-Free Coatings and Impermea Materials

By prioritizing the safety and well-being of firefighters while ensuring the performance of the gear, Impermea Materials is revolutionizing the industry and leading the way toward a safer, more sus...
Green Textile with Water Droplets on It

Fashion to Function: Textile Solutions That are Transforming the Industry

Impermea Materials is revolutionizing the textile industry by offering coatings that seamlessly merge fashion and function, from enhancing style appeal through repellency abilities to providing cri...
Yellow Background with Water Droplets

Breaking Barriers with Impermea Materials in the Textile Industry

One of the best innovations was the development of textile coating solutions that revolutionized the industry, such as enhanced functionality, increased durability and quality, and sustainability.