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Food Packaging

The Superiority of Impermea Materials’ Solutions Over Traditional Polyethylene

Impermea Materials has revolutionized the packaging industry by introducing cutting-edge coating solutions that surpass the performance of traditional polyethylene coatings while offering a sustain...
Frozen Food Aisle
Food Packaging

Beyond the Freezer Aisle: Reinventing Frozen Food For The Modern Palate

A forward-thinking company approached Impermea Materials with a bold challenge they had been working on for the past two years and had yet to succeed. The company aimed to change its traditional mu...
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Food Packaging

Savoring Flavors: Preserving Organoleptic Quality

Impermea Materials prides itself on creating innovative, sustainable, PFAS-free food packaging solutions that allow your food to retain its authentic flavors with all the added benefits. 
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Food Packaging

The Revolutionary Film-Forming Barrier for Food and Bakery Paper

That's where REL-PAK 4700 comes in—a revolutionary silicone-based coating barrier that offers exceptional release, oil & grease resistance properties, and lengthens shelf life for bakery use wh...
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Food Packaging

2023 Packaging Movements to Look For

In 2023 the packaging industry is evolving rapidly. Packaging is heading towards more sustainable, personalized, and convenient solutions.